As a web developer or an entrepreneur, you must have faced the situation where developing e-store with limited resources was your challenge. Or if you haven't been there, in future you will face the same. The question is how and when. As the web development agency, we occasionally receive clients who do not want to invest much in e-store development yet want all functionality.

We consider it a challenge and have performed well. This entry is aimed mainly to address this issue. The most basic question is "Which CMS to choose?". The correct answer to this question in context of your need will reduce half of your future troubles, otherwise prepare yourself for bucket loads of tears. In market there are many CMS capable of it as the plausible answers, but only few to correctly fill the holes.

Most would name Magento and Prestashop as their favorite CMS. The first reason is they are completely open source and secondly, they come with their own sets of functions needed for developing e-store architecture. Lets see in detail which is suitable for which requirement.

Small startup - less investment - No real time technical support

Most entrepreneurs would fall in this bracket. Let's say you start project with a small amount and have to hire a company or a designer for your own e-store, what you need to chose. Remember, e-store runs on the server and this is the major cost taking factor. An e-store is the dynamic website which needs constant backups and also ssl certificates for making customers confident about payment using your gateway.

Here you need to take a call. With Magento, you will have to take a cloud server with the minimum RAM requirement of 1GB. Magento extensions and plug-ins do not install anything below this RAM requirement. This is the biggest downside of Magento as the CMS. And with low RAM capacity the overall front-end function and backend administration take a major beating.

Suppose you have to add products, then adding them will give you a hard time as each time you save the uploaded product it will take 2-3 minutes before you could add another. Same with opening another function inside baking. For front-end customers, adding product to the shopping cart is the major challenge as sometimes it will take many minutes before you could proceed. It will give rise to less conversion or less business due to turning away customers.

Magento has a huge library of add-ons and themes, but the relevant fully functional add-ons are paid ones, not even available for trial period, which leaves the graphic designer with no other choice but to buy costly plugins and the support is not included. This will be the added cost on your pocket. As for theme you will find very few free themes and in most of the cases they are not very useful for your business type. Magento themes are costly and the support comes extra. All in all Magento is a big no no for this category unless there is a pressing need to employ it.

On the other hand, Prestashop scores great in the category as there is no such limitation on installing Prestashop add-ons. You will find free add-ons with great support and can install on any server without hiccups. There are enough free add-ons to do the required job.